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could be some storms will to the north. in and around us i think the chance for getting some needed showers and thunder storms will not come until sunday. meanwhile, it will be another stifling night only 80 to 82 degrees. i will tell you more. >> good deal bought. today's record brecher was unbearable for many of you who were stuck outside for any length of time. >> paramedics will be treating folks of he related illnesses. -- of heat related illnesses. >> there were dozens of peach related calls in washington alone. for this area around the white house where we had a lot of
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people out and around in the heat, and many of them standing in line. >> the sun bore down and the temperature went up, wake up. -- way up. paramedics rushed to the white house were people were struggling with the heat. one of them, an elderly woman. >> there was a 70-year-old female, she succumbed to the key. >> she was not alone. they treated about a half-dozen people at the scene but wound up transporting several to the hospital. meanwhile, those who must work outdoors continue to suffer in these record-breaking temperatures. >> hot. a real hot. >> some say summers are always difficult in the metro area. some lifelong residents say that this year is harder than ever. >> it is 100 but it will feel about 115 with all of the car engines hour here. >> downtown to buttress clocked
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well above 100 feet -- downtown temperatures clocked well above 100 degrees. >> the temperatures have some folks back that up. >> i have imagery of snow and cold weather. let me just get this through -- i am tired of it. >> most of the people who were treated here at the scene did respond well. those who were taken to the hospital understand are responding to treatment. >> thank you steven. in addition to the conditions, there were no better and virginia. suzanne kennedy is live outside of the airport were a record was set today. >> the previous record was 99 degrees set in 1993. which surpass that with well over 100 degrees. because of the heat index it
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felt a lot warmer outside. >> at the height of today's record-setting temperatures fairfax county were packing boxes and cars. they are doing this as the temperatures reach 100 degrees. >> so much sweat. i feel like my head is on fire. >> of this 4-year-old found out how hot it can be on the pavement without shoes. she was dousing his feet in cold water. >> the pavement is the first to heat up. his feet are being scorched if he has bigger feet. you just do not walking around in their feet. -- he has bigger feet. >> all over, people were scorching in this july. it will go down as the hottest july on record. she wore around 6 miles on this morning. she is training for a marathon.
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>> i am not pushing myself at all. probably the most important thing is to have a pretty good sense when i get over he did and it take it slow. >> at this gas station the temperature reached 100 degrees. they had a fan on, but it made little impact on the oppressive conditions. >> it is awful. we need to drill a lot of water. it is so hot. -- we need to drink a lot of water. >> some of the people we spoke to said it was not all that bad because there has been a breeze around the area unlike last week. they are being condition to the extreme weather especially after what we went through last week. reporting live near reagan national airport, suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. >> thank you, suzanne. our sports crew was at the redskins' training facility
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where the unofficial plan surfaced clock in at 155 and 170 degrees. we will have a live report from the practice. we will remain on top of the he all we can carry 40 the latest forecast and a checklist what you need to know about this current heat wave. click on the link at let us turn down to the showdown of the federal debt crisis. we are expecting a vote from the house on a plan to cut spending and raise the debt limit in just about one hour. let us take a look at the house chamber to see what members are discussing. you see house minority leader nancy pelosi there. >> if at first you do not succeed, change the bill to attract more votes and try
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again. that is what the house speaker has done. within hours we expect the house and in the senate to take up his debt plan tonight. >> john boehner says he has the votes. >> i am enthusiastic. >> according to critics they came at a cost. >> republicans took a bad bill and made it worse. >> boehner added a balanced budget amendment that makes it even less attractive to democrats who dislike the earlier version. it raises the debt ceiling for six months, but it requires both the house and senate to pass the amendment by two-thirds vote before they could raise the credit limit. >> they want a guarantee that it is passed before they allow an extension of the debt limit. how bizarre could anyone be? >> of 51 democrats and two democrats have already said it
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will oppose the boehner plan. the gross domestic product grew at an anemic 1.3%, well below analysts' expectations of 1.9%. an exasperated president obama urged compromise. >> the problem -- the power to solve this is in our hands. when we are reminded of how fragile the economy is, this is one burden we can lift ourselves. >> if the nation defaults at midnight on tuesday that birding it's a whole lot heavier. some democrats are urging the president to ignore the debt ceiling entirely and invoke the 14th amendment. that is the one that says the u.s. will pay all of its debt. today, the white house press secretary says the white house lacks the constitutional authority to do that. >> thank you, john. we are following every
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development in the debt ceiling showdown. we are also going to have a live update for you tonight at 6:00. >> it at 5:00, a fairfax county family is recovering to 9 after an intruder rob them. it started when the suspect broke into a gay community and san moritz circle. -- a gated community. >> we have not seen anything like this type of crime. fairfax police say that families are composed considering how terrifying it must have been cured >> is just sick. there are sick people. >> there is outrage and fear in this 80 community and herndon where they learned about a family this thursday night. >> it was a shock to me that
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this thing can happen in this nice complex. >> fairfax police say the man randomly tried it doors and found one unlocked and parched and on a woman and her toddler and a teenage son. the older boy was tied up in a back room. a family friend came in and a woman's husband. both men were attacked by the intruder. he then heard it all five into a family car and ordered them to drive to an atm 5 miles away. he ordered the husband to get into the truck of a car where they drive to a nearby office park. >> they drive to a secluded area. the family is released. >> the band gets out of the truck in the family flags down a bicyclist who had a cell phone to call the police. the robber disappears into the night with the money. >> to find out something like this happen so close and what i thought was a safe place, i no
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longer feel that way. >> detectives tell us tonight that they have no reason to think that this family was specifically targeted. they think that because it was an unlocked door, perhaps this one was unlocked. >> a washington d.c. father admitted in court that he did the unthinkable, he murdered his own daughter. rodney mcintyre admitted to the murder of ebony franklin. he stuffed her body -- he stuffed her body into a trash can. he then covered up the murder. he will be tried in october. he faces up to 40 years in prison. the murder and dismemberment of a young washington woman. >> not going to make me feel
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like she could not get less time or anything. i am just pleased that she did take full responsibility of her actions. >> latisha frazier was beaten to death when she was lured into an apartment by cynthia proctor. latisha frazier's remains have still not been found. >> coming up at abc news at 5:00 a new twist on dozer the dog. >> a dream comes true. >> a united states soldier accused of pre
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we are learning more about the american soldier who was behind the terror attack at fort hood. naser abdo faced a judge for the first time since his arrest. >> here are the court documents trudging that united states soldier in the terror plot against his fellow soldiers. in court he was defiant. >> 121 year-old in added states soldier naser abdo was escorted out of court on friday he screamed. he yelled out iraq 2006 and n girl who was raped by a soldier. the name of the psychiatrist who was charged with killing soldiers at fort hood. >> we made a decision to call the police. it worked out well. >> former marine and x, was
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suspicious of naser abdo when he bought ammo and smokeless gunpowder. red flag. why would you buy 6 pounds of this stuff if you did not know what it was? >> i refuse to go to afghanistan because it was against my conditions. >> he went awol on the fourth of july and he told investigators that he wanted to get even from the army. he was planning to detonate two bonds at restaurants frequented by soldiers. >> we just go to work every day and try to do the right thing. it is aggravating that somebody what think something like that. >> according to this court document, there evidence against naser abdo includes guns and ammo and an article titled " make a bomb. in the bomb"
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-->> president obama and the major auto makers have reached a deal to double to the efficiency standards by 2025. the pledge to increase fuel economy to 54.5 miles per hour. the president said today oppose the agreement is a major breakthrough. >> this agreement represents the single most important step we have ever taken as a nation to reduce our dependence on foreign oral. >> the president says better gas mileage thewill save gas prices. around here today i do not think anybody cares about mpg they care about their condition is.
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>> thank you. >> if we are going to do it, we might as well shatter it. the record is shattered. one of the hottest days we have ever had right now. folks are striving -- folks are trying to stay cool. the heat index make it feel like 121 degrees. we had a two-point temperature and some spots close to 80 degrees. right now we have gone more than four hours with the temperature 100 or higher. that is right, it is 103 degrees. this makes it the hottest day we have had in washington since 1997. as a matter of fact, we are not alone. you folks and baltimore are at a record. look at these records. from 97, that is 5 degrees above the record. usually we get one or two degrees above. temperatures well above 100. also for the folks in the mid
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part of the country he remains on relenting. oklahoma city has had 29 days of of 100. the key indices right now 108. there remain during the evening hours. this hot summer goes on and on, and we still have august. there is a line of showers to our north which have been bringing relief to the folks up there. there is a severe thunderstorm watch up until 11:00. you can see the line. you folks up in hagerstown, some of these could be sliding to the south. that would bring as relief. the topics are active. you can see the rings moving into brownsville. right now 50 miles per hour winds. it is bringing some rain into those areas that need the rain. unfortunately, not for the
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widespread areas -- not for the areas that have really been suffering drought. that is dallas and up into north texas. over tonight, some of these storms may be to our north. they will die out tomorrow. there is a slight chance there could be some afternoon thunderstorms. temperatures tomorrow are 94 degrees. the humidity will still be with us. any isolated thunderstorms during the evening hours and northern maryland. still cumin tomorrow. we will be in the mid-90s. no record tomorrow. -- still humid it tomorrow. '70s in the daytime and then the '90s, this will turn out to be the hottest month of all time. this camp july will be a one degree hotter than last july.
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part of the record books. >> we do not like this. >> we want to keep off of the records. let us get down to the latest facebook give away. >> you have until monday at 4:00 p.m. to sign up. just go to tickets include a suite behind home plate food, and parking. tonight on abc, join us for reality television and news. a new episode of "shark tank" kicks off. >> at 10:00 "20/20" and ignite ends with abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we are learning more about the events. >> stepping up for a big
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celebration. dozer the dog is back.
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i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. ge t care 1on1 and talk savings safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine.
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it local stock made headlines across the region, and regiondozer the dog makes
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national headlines when he runs a marathon by himself. >> media from all over the nation are drawing attention to dozer's cause. >> on a fateful day in may, three-year-old dozer a decision that would change his life. he bolted there is invisible fence and joined a team of thousands running a half marathon. he jumped in at mile 5 and kept pace for 8 miles. at two hours and 14 minutes this youtube video shows him crossing the that is lined with a smile. >> we were like, oh my gosh. >> she had no idea if she would ever see her daughter again. somehow, dozer found his way home the next day. word of his accomplishments spread like wildfire. he is now a national star. even abc world news shared his
5:26 pm
story last night. he had 800 fans of facebook last month, but today it is 12,000 and counting. >> a dog comes in and once there -- opens their heart. >> opens their heart and wallets. he has raised $21,000 for the university of maryland cancer center. the money he raises will run a clinical trial for an aggressive form of breast cancer. >> it has really touched a soft spot in people. >> in that split-second decision has created quite a legacy. >> handsome dog, is he not? at next year's race, there could be a shorter distance race for dock and their owners. of course dozer and rosanna are already in training. we have no doubt they will win. >> nebraska to endorse the deal. -- they need it to endorse
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the deal. >> what is being done to find a slasher next. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. te
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you are watching abc 7 news
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at 5:00. >> you already know it is hot but it is more than just that. it is a day for the record books. is the hottest day for more than a decade. we did not just break the record, we fought out shattered it today. >> % 5:30, whether coverage. >> if you are in the shade, it appears to be terrible. if you are under the sun, you need some kind of shield. we are trying to manage with it again. >> would you like a bottle of water? >> what the temperature increases, so to helping hands. these are filled with ice cold bottle of water. >> it is so hot they want to
5:31 pm
keep hydrated. >> everybody likes water, it is good for people. >> mother nature is at it again in the washington area. at a hot day like this, eating outside or chilling on a park bench are out of the question. nancy was still brave enough to give her new wheels spin. >> going down is great. coming back was hard. it is hard because of the slow incline. it taxes you. >> with watered-down by her side, she does what many of you are doing, going out despite the scorching sun. >> i bought the had across the street. >> had vendors are not the only one selling more and working harder. check out the line. >> you can make a lot of shaved ice. >> it is really, really hot. i am standing here sweating a lot. >> how did the workers
5:32 pm
themselves beat the heat? >> i used the fan. i am in the shade. i drink lots of water. >> does it help? >> it does. what can you do it. -- what can you do? >> we want to show you something. these pot holes were covered up some time ago. you can see the tar compound is once again that warm and soft starting to melt as if it was just laid it down today. that is how hot it is. that biker we spoke with earlier, she said without the shade there is no way she would have been able to finish her bike ride. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> we are following the late developments on what first broke at noon. one construction worker is dead and another is fighting for his life at a high-profile construction site. this happened at arundel mills mall or a new casino is being built.
5:33 pm
>> you can see behind me this is where the casino is being built on the west side of the big arundel mills mall. construction is shut down. a very sad day. a young man who described himself on his facebook page as working an awful lot of liking to go out to dinner and spend time with his family, has to brest. >> the call came from the maryland live casino near arundel mills mall. a huge section of prefab concrete wall had collapsed on two workers. 27-year-old leon ray sax working in an elevated but it was killed instantly. a second worker, darbin suazo- jimenez was on the ground and hit by the wall. >> he suffered light -- life- threatening injuries because of the incident. he was transferred to shock, and
5:34 pm
baltimore. >> it has quickly change from a risky to a recovery situation. there was no hope for leon ray sax who was buried under the rubble. >> the temperature and humidity, we can only get 15 minutes out of each crew. we will work and for 15 minutes and there is a mandatory rest for. >> the casino released a statement. the construction site was a mealy shut down for the day. as for the ball itself, it seemed to be unaffected by the accident which happened in an area closed off to the public. >> this evening we can offer no more details as to why what happened did happen. we only know that this huge piece of concrete collapsed on these two workers appeared we are told the investigation is
5:35 pm
being held up by the health administration. they will issue a report. >> also new at 5:00 tonight police are redoing the call for help. they want to track down the serial slasher. he is responsible for attacks on women at area shopping malls. they have released surveillance video is urging the public's health. >> with conflict is, police investigators are lucky if -- with crimes like this, police are lucky if they can get video and in many cases it is grainy. these are very clear, and there are several of them. still, police say they do not have good leads. >> there is not just one, there are two pictures taken and for more at the ball. that makes six pictures of the
5:36 pm
man called the "fairfax serial flasher." people who live in the area say it is frustrating that the slasher is still out there. police admit they thought these pictures would generate more tips. >> i definitely thought about that before i went out today. >> some are refusing to go out because of the slasher. >> i was going to need my granddaughter to go shopping. she would not go. >> because of this? >> yes. >> others are coming up with ways to protect themselves. >> may be wearing a backpack around -- >> police are also using signs with the pictures we just showed you. not just in english also in spanish to reach out to several communities to find this man. live from fairfax, natasha of -- and a tall ship barrett. --natasha barrett.
5:37 pm
>> not too bad out there. on the beltway all of your traveling are open. you are dealing with significant delays on the interlude of the beltway. you are seeing delays beginning here at barack or wrote all the way to the elderly. telegraph and you are a bit slow on and off between the 270 spur and the dulles toll road. all of your travel lanes are open in that stretch. in virginia on southbound 395 tap on the brakes on duke's street. off and on at 610. back to you in the studio. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, one man's dream's and a sky-high journey. >> continue to bring an extra
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if you frequently used taxicabs the price of your next ride is going to be a little more expensive. >> the reason behind all of this is gas prices. it seems that all of us are feeling the pain at the pump, especially taxicab drivers. passengers will also be paying the price. for janice miles and her son hopping in a cab will remain costly. but i think it is unfair. >> after taking a dip, gas prices are once again climbing. the commission says the extra expense is needed to keep taxis running in the city. >> it is necessary, and it is
5:42 pm
helping to much. like i said we now pay more like $20. >> cabdriver kenneth white says it is beneficial during tough times. >> each time gas goes up, we lose a couple of dollars in income. it is much appreciated. >> passengers are mixed on whether the high prices should be passed on. >> what i am driving my own car i have nobody to pass it on to. it is a cost of doing business. >> i understand have to pass a round. >> this latest extension is expected to last a hundred 20 days until november. -- 120 days until november. >> tonight, a survey with a positive review. >> a local man's trains go sky- high. the a
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the university of northern virginia may be in danger of losing its ability to enroll international students.
5:46 pm
customs enforcement swarmed -- and i spokesperson said it plans to withdraw in regards to an ongoing drug investigation. >> if you drive in frederick maryland police said just activated two new speed camera. they are in the 1400 block of north east street. that brings the total number 26. all are within a half mile of the schools on. we have encouraging news to single women try to find a husband, a new study by finds that the washington d.c. region is the fifth best in the united states for bachelorettes. washington is the home for powerful promise of a plea minded men. -- powerful, said the cleat minded men.
5:47 pm
denver seattle, and phoenix were ahead. >> new photos of two and the cubs. the two team has are doing fine. they were examined yesterday and they are gaining weight. it will be awhile before folks get a chance to see that. they are expected to go on display later on in the fall. >> let us see what is coming out later on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> they are still debating the debt ceiling. things are changing by the hour. we are waiting for another vote from the house. the president has already put in his 2 cents on the latest republican effort. a local community will start handing out tickets next week. >> see you in a minute.
5:48 pm
but as a check and see -- we have hit the record today with the heat. >> a second year and a row we have had a record. bob ryan is -- >> do you want to go for three? "i do not think so. >> outside right now is not a time for only one degree. you look at live doppler which has the temperatures on that, we are only one degree below what the record was. 104 degrees. to our north, there are showers and thunderstorms up around southern parts of pennsylvania. they are under a watch. that is a line that is try to settle a little bit around york. you folks in southeast washington and spots like that probably the overnight low only 82 degrees. our current temperature is 103 degrees. at the beaches there will be an onshore breeze. even there with the water temperatures, it will be in the
5:49 pm
90's. you can always check on-line, we have the 10 things you probably did not think about with our current heat wave. it will continue into august. >> we do not want to think about it. a local man's dreams are sky high after a job of the lifetime. >> he was to help the tell the original air force one. -- detail the original air force one. from the washing to the drying michael says that detailing is an art form. >> we can make a car waxed and shine for six months compared to you cleaning it at home and having it lasts for a few weeks. >> it is a lifelong hobby of his and his profession. >> i enjoy every aspect of what i do. >> this attention to detail are him a spot on a 30 person team
5:50 pm
to do tell the original air force one that is now in a museum of flight. that plan was used by kennedy johnson, and nixon. >> to be able to work on the president's vehicle is overwhelming. >> compared to the standard card to tell of a few hours taking -- cleaning the air plan will take a week. >> it takes weathering through seattle every single day. it is about 16 cadillac escalates laid out flat. that would take me five hours for and escalate. >> -- for an escalated. de. >> the stock could market turning point in his career. >> i would love to polish out aircraft on a permanent basis. >> detailing the american flag is reserved for military members. the rest of the plan the next
5:51 pm
most desirable part is the jet engine. >> what a privilege for him. >> not such a great experience out there corporate mchenry in this heat. we understand the pavement hit a record heat and temperatures. when hundred four degrees? >> we can feel it. we have plenty of water. can started an unusual redskin fashion. there was change, but there was no need for -- it was the first time in a long time the players got to get there without any distractions. >> the training camp got off to a much better start than mike shanahan's first. >> to try to win every day. >> donovan mcnabb and albert
5:52 pm
king's work are no longer here. >> it is good. you can have cameras up here asking you about the drama and that, we just want to get in the playbook and play ball. have a clear mind and put car all into football and not worry about,. >> even a dummy would note the top story. john beck is the top quarterback for now. >> i am loving it because i want all of the reps. reps mean experience and it helped me learn. >> they also signed free agents freesantana moss who cannot practice until next thursday. >> you get more reps, and then you are tired. >> after an off-season like to know -- an off-season like no other, they are back to work. >> we know the steelers are going to come to town, that is
5:53 pm
our first preseason game. >> he believed it quarterback ross -- rex grossman will sign. they work together in 2009. he is at the podium as we speak. we will have more for you at 6:00. >>
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a final update this hour on what is happening at capitol hill. we are still waiting on any kind of a book that will take place on the house bill. the bill by speaker john boehner will cut the debt limit increase spending. we will have a live report for you on abc 7 news at 6:00 or we will let you know what is happening. >> it at 5:00, a celebration time a historic fraternity and its high -- long list of historic members. >> the washington convention
5:57 pm
center this weekend is a sea of purple and gold. the fraternity celebrates 100 years. their members range from michael jordan to jesse jackson. >> the omegas are often known as a fraternity who like to have lots of fun. some people do not like that. >> parking is officially frowned on. we do not do that. we are not dogs. we are omega men. in the front wall, they are considered the wildest. they literally burned their symbol on with branding irons. as this group from florida and then showed us today, they'd
5:58 pm
love to step. for many, it is generational. >> it was greeted in me. >> he had to be an omega man. >> they came from coast to coast. they also perform community service. >> clean up the street, we feed the homeless. we help out as much as possible. >> they are here at all -- they are here all weekend. >> that is all now for 5:00. coming up next at 6:00, national record for solving big problems. see how the cape -- see how the he is hitting certain areas and hitting them hard.
5:59 pm
>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. >> our big story mother nature turns up the of an egg into broiled. >> the result is the hottest day that washington, d.c. have seen in a decade. but hundred four degrees this afternoon. heat index fell like 104 -- we still have to get through august. >> we have to in coverage of today's record-breaking heat. >> first, meteorologist bob ryan is in the weather center with how hot did it actually get around here. >> it was a record breaker. here is something i have always wanted to say. this is the hottest day we have had so far this century.
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